"Spell" by Brian Rutenberg


Opens Friday, September 11 and continues through October 10

“There is no finer way to practice kindness towards oneself than through the contemplative reverie, luxurious beauty and strange incantatory spell that only art can cast.”  - Brian Rutenberg

Inspired by the woods and waters of the Lowcountry and the vacation colors of Myrtle Beach, Brian Rutenberg’s landscapes are a place where nature and artifice collide in the bright and combustible.  To ground his abstract vision, vertical marks represent trees, horizontal ovals depict ponds and slabs of jewel-toned paint sit easily beside pale washes. 

While the paintings are the most obvious aspect of Brian’s creativity, they lay the foundation for what he calls “the third thing,” when the artist’s and viewer’s nervous systems twist around each other in understanding.  Brian believes that ultimately, art is a form of empathy and the ability to extend oneself to that which is outside of oneself will save the world.  That is wonderful idea to hold onto in these trying times.

TEW Galleries is honored to play a small part in creating the conditions for “the third thing” and invites you to see this stunning exhibition by nationally recognized Brian Rutenberg.