Haidee Becker


Haidee Becker

Born 1950, Los Angeles, California
Lives and paints in London


Artist Statement:
When I was a little girl growing up in Rome, I had a dream.  In that dream I saw a beam of light illuminating specks of dust.  It lasted a split second and I have been trying to catch that light ever since. That moment of illumination, that moment when that which I am looking at comes to life. 



1971-77  Pupil of Uli Nimptsch RA

1975       Worked under Fritz Wotruba at the Vienna Academy, Austria

1971-85  Pupil of Adrian Ryan

1972-85  Studies with Elizabeth Keys 

1970       Studies with Herta Koetner and Andrea Moering, London

1969       Studies with Anthony Whishaw, Sophie Wysotsky, and Jean Gibson, London


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Paintings by Haidee Becker, Patrick Bourne & Co., St. James Place, London

2016 Haidee Becker, New Works, first Floor Gallery, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2015 Paintings by Haidee Becker, Patrick Bourne & Co., St. James Place, London

2011 “The original cast of Jez Butterworth’s hit play Jerusalem” by Haidee Becker,

Bocca di Lupo, London

The Redfern Gallery, London

2010 6 Archer Street, Soho, London

2005  TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2004  TEW Galleries, Atlanta GA

2003   Bourne Fine Art, Edinburgh Scotland

2002   The Redfern Gallery, London

1999   Galerie Timothy Tew, Atlanta

           Zodiac, Neiman-Marcus, Atlanta

1997   Galerie Timothy Tew

1995   Galerie Timothy Tew

1994   Galerie Timothy Tew

1991   Galerie Timothy Tew

1990   Odette Gilbert Gallery, London

1988   C.D. Soar and Son, London

1987   C.D. Soar and Son, London

1986   New Grafton Gallery, London


Group Exhibitions

2010 Angela Flowers, London

2009 The Redfern Gallery, London

2008 Purdy Hicks Gallery, London

Odette Gilbert Fine Art, London

Angela Flowers, London

2007 Angela Flowers, London

2006 Angela Flowers, London

Byard Art, Cambridge, England

The Redfern Gallery, London

2005 Fine Art Society, London

2004 Bourne Fine Art, Tokyo

2003    Art London, Byard Art

2002 "Five Women Artists", Paintings, Watercolours and Sculpture, Redfern Gallery, London

"The British Are Coming", Haidee Becker, Stewart Helm and Adrian Ryan, Galerie Timothy Tew

Thomas Henry Fine Art, Nantucket, CT

Art London, The Redfern Gallery

Glasgow Art Fair, Byard Art, Cambridge, England

  1. Group Show, Red Fern Gallery, London

Art London, Patrick Bourne Fine Art

2000 Group Show, Red Fern Gallery, London

Haidee Becker and Matthew Lopas, Galerie Timothy Tew, Atlanta

1994   Haidee Becker, Richard Cook, Robert Mason, Anne Berthoud Gallery, London

           Internationale, Quinlan Art Center, Gainesville, Georgia

           By Invitation, Connaught Brown Gallery, London

1992   David Levine and Haidee Becker, Galerie Timothy Tew

1991   Group Show, Odette Gilbert Gallery, London

           Amsterdam Art Fair, Amsterdam, Holland - exhibited by Odette Gilbert Gallery

1989   Los Angeles Art Fair, Los Angeles - exhibited by Odette Gilbert Gallery

1987   Royal Academy of Arts, London    

1985   New Grafton Gallery, London     

1984   Roland Browse and Delbanco, London

1984   Royal Academy of Arts, London

1982   Royal Academy of Arts, London

       Royal Portrait Society, London

      Ben Uri Gallery, London

       Camden Arts Centre, London



Cathy Byrd, “Not just another pretty face, Haidee Becker still lifes and portraits at Galerie Timothy Tew”, Creative Loafing, Atlanta, Georgia, February 6, 1999, p. 39.


Museum Collections

National Portrait Gallery, London