Olena Zvyagintseva


Olena Zvyagintseva

Born January 1966 in Ukraine



Graduated from Dniepropetrovsk Fine Art School

1986-93 Studied at Academy of Art in Kiev under the guidance of Mykola Storojeenko



1st prize at the exhibition-competition - “Great Ukrainian Women Artists” Kiev, Ukraine

1998 Member of the Ukrainian Union of Artists


Solo Exhibitions

2015 TEW Galleries, Olena Zvyagintseva Solo “Gallery 1”

Olena Zvyagintseva, SOLO; Triptych ART Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 Solo, Olena Zvyagintseva, September 2013, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2011 Olena Zvyagintseva & Sergiy Hai, Two-Solo at TEW, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2010 Solo Show, “Olena Zvyagintseva, New Paintings,” TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2009 Gallery House Mykoly, “Olena Zvyagintseva,” Kiev, Ukraine

2008 One Person Show, “Olean Zvyagintseva,” TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2004 Woskob private Collection of Ukrainian Art, Woskob Family Gallery, State College, Pa. USA

2003 Galerie Timothy Tew, Atlanta, GA

2002 Galerie Timothy Tew, Atlanta, GA

2002 Gallery Silver Bells, Kyiv, Ukraine

2000 “Dealers Choice”, Galerie Timothy Tew, Atlanta, GA

1999 “Sliding Dreams”, Gallery Tadzio, Kyiv, Ukraine




Group Shows

2017 TEW Galleries Salon Show, Atlanta, GA

2016 Ukraine Triennial of Painting;  House of Art, Kiev, Ukraine

Automn Exhibitions, House of Art, Rivne, Ukraine

2015 Museum of Modern art, Dnipro, Ukraine

2014 TEW Galleries, “The Figure Show” Group Show featuring 9 artists

2011 TEW Galleries, TOP 25, Atlanta, GA

2010 Gallery Zyza, “Christmas Show,” Rivne, Ukraine

Gallery Zyza, “Gold Zyza, International Art Festival,” Rivne, Ukraine

House of Art, “Ukrainian Triennial of Painting,” Kiev, Ukraine

2009 Gallery House Mykoly, “Spring Show,” Kiev, Ukraine

“Women Artists,” Group Exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine

2008 “Christmas Exhibition,” Gallery Zuza, Rivne, Ukraine

2007 “20th Anniversary Show,” TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

“Olena Zvyagintseva & Haidee Becker,” TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

“Flowers & Angels,” Maritime Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine

“Paintings of Kyiv,” House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine

“Spring Days,” Gallery Mitez, Kyiv, Ukraine

International Women’s Club Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

Leonardo Club Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2006 TEW Galleries Inc. Atlanta, GA

“Paintings of Kyiv,” House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine

2005 TEW Galleries Inc. Atlanta, GA

2004 “Adrian Ryan, Angelo Franco, & Olena Zvyagintseva, Galerie Timothy Tew 

“Valentine’s Day”, Y Z Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine

“Christmas Show”, House of Artist, Kyiv, Ukraine

2003    “10 Year Anniversary Exhibition Women’s Club of Kyiv”, Ukrainian   

              House, Kyiv, Ukraine

“Floral Still Life”, Gallery “Dim Mykoly”, Kyiv, Ukraine

2002 “Art of Ukraine in Russia”, House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2001 Ukrainian Triennale of Painting, Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian Art Festival, "Great Ukrainian Women" Kyiv, Ukraine

Luke & A Gallery on Golden Square 9, Golden Square, Soho, London

Karl Barrie presents “Take one Woman, Atrium Gallery London.

2000 Gallery Kaleidscope, London, England

Luke & A Gallery, Exhibition, "War and Peace" 250 Kings Rd, London

1999 International Arts Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine

International Art Festival, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine

Art Exhibition from Ukraine, Ukrainian Embassy, Washington DC

“Autumn Salon”, House of Artists

“Help Us Help the Children”, Charity Show-Auction, Lavra Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

1998 “Triennial Painting”, Kyiv, Ukraine

“Art Exhibition from Ukraine,“The Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, USA

“60 Years of The Ukrainian Union of Artists”, Kyiv, Ukraine

1997 “Great Ukrainian Women Artists” 1st prize, Gallery Lavra, Kyiv, Ukraine

1996 “Republic Autumn Exhibition”, House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine

1995 “Great Ukrainian Women Artists - 1995”, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukrain

“Ukraine Republican Autumn Exhibition”, Dedicated to Bohdan Khmelnitsky, House of Artists, Ukraine

“Pan- Ukraine 1995”, International Biennial, Dniepropertrovsk, Ukraine

“Artist against Extremism and Fascism”, House of Artist, Kyiv, Ukraine

1994 “Republican Spring Exhibitions”, House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine

1986 “Exhibition of Young Artists”, St. Petersburg, USSR



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Museum Collections:

Museum of Modern Art, Dnipro, Ukraine


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