Serhiy Hai

Born 1959

Serhiy Hai (better known in the Russian market as Sergiy Hai) gained an important regional reputation and has exhibited extensively in Ukraine, Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, and the United States.  His work is in museum collections in Ukraine and in many private collections across Europe and in the United States. In 2019, he was chosen to represent Ukraine at the Florence Biennale.

Hai creates works with strong design and an inventive approach to medium and the imagery is high impact, with little that is pictorially extraneous. His subjects are forthright; direct and simple without being simplistic or in any way naïve and the paintings, while masculine, are luscious and extraordinarily sensual. His subjects are nudes, figures, equestrian works and still lifes and these select themes are revisited over and over again in infinite variety and brought to life through the artist’s intimate perspective and impressive technique.  From a technical standpoint, his unique application of layered paint can, at times, be heavily applied, while in other instances, manifests as barely discernible washes of color. His virtuosity is undeniable; so too, is his use of smoky-rich tonalities which lend great drama to his works.

Hai’s unpretentiously quick and direct approach to painting displays a lack of sentimentality but also has an extraordinarily gentle aspect; while his love of sinuous, lyrical line, cherished settings and evocative chromatism is entirely seductive. 

Hai’s art invites viewers to join his reverie by suggesting outcomes yet leaving the narrative squarely in the observer’s own imagination.  ΜΆ Jules Bekker, 2019


Education: 1986 Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art 


Solo Exhibitions:

2019   Serhiy Hai, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2018   National Ukraine Artists Union, "Serhiy Hai: Paintings." Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

2017  "ST•H Gallery", international art fair "BERLINER LISTE", Berlin, Germany
          CAC "White  World", exhibition "Paintings." Kyiv, Ukraine.
          "Bunkermuz" Gallery, exhibition "Paintings." Ternopil, Ukraine.

2016   Serhiy Hai, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2014    Serhiy Hai, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2013    Serhiy Hai, “solo”, Gary Bowman Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

           Gallery Mironova, “Serhiy Hai,” Kiev, Ukraine

           Triptych ART Gallery, “Painting”, Kiev, Ukraine

2012   Serhiy Hai, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2011   TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

          Gallery Tornbi, Skagen, Denmark

2010   Gallery Triptych, Kiev, Ukraine

          Gallery Volga, Moscow, Russia

          Art Usad’ba, Yalta, Ukraine

          Garri Boumen Galleri, Lviv, Ukraine

          Scope Art Fair and Armory Arts Week, New York, NY

          National Art Club, New York, NY

2009   Palace of Art, Exhibition “NewAnce”, Lviv, Ukraine

          Art Basel Miami Beach “Love of Women”

2008   Exhibition in the Hyatt Regency, Kiev, Ukraine

2007   Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine

2005   Gallery Dziga, Lviv, Ukraine

          Mironova and Gusovskiy Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

2004   Mironova and Gusovskiy Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

          Ukrainian Institution in American, New York NY

2003   “Laureates of Ukrainian Art Trading”, Marine Art Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine

2002   Contemporary Art Center “Soviart”, Kiev, Ukraine

          Mistets Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

2000   Alla Rogers Gallery, Washington, DC

          Embassy of Ukraine, Washington, DC

          Ukrainian Institute of America, Washington, DC

1997   Maier Gallery, Rosenhaim, Germany

1995   Century Gallery, London, England

1994   Gallery Slavutich, Kiev Ukraine

1990   National Museum, Lviv, Ukraine


Group Exhibitions 

2022   Together with Ukraine. Shakespeare Theatre, Gdansk, Poland.
           Italy X Ukraine. Superstudio Village, Milan, Italy.
           Ahlhorn/Lviv. Weeks of Ukranian Art, Ahlhorn, Germany.
           And... Rise Up. Lavra Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
           Discovery Art Fair, frankfurt, Germany.
           Venice Biennale "Terra Libera" under the supervision of Italian art critic,
Giorgio Gregario, May 14, 2022
2021   TEW Galleries, Salon Style, Atlanta, Georgia
          Spring Salon, LVIV Art Palace, Special Jury Diploma Awarded
          "Exhibition of the Two", Imagine Point Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2020    Veles GAllery , Lviv, Ukraine
2019    XIX Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy, Specail Award Fine Arts
           Christmas Exhibition, Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2018    All- Ukranian Exhibition, Art-Nova, First Prize Awarded, Kremenchuk, Ukraine        

2017   TEW Galleries Salon Show, Atlanta, GA

2013   Ukrainian Union of Artists, “Eroticism in Art,” Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukraine

          Lviv Palace of Arts, “Spring Salon”, Lviv, Ukraine

          Mystecka Zbirka Gallery, Ukrainian Erotisism, Kiev,Ukraine

          Museum of UCU University, Plein Air Exhibition, Lviv, Ukraine

          The Fairmont Grand Hotel, Silent Auction, Kiev, Ukraine

          Gallery Tornby, Painting, Skagen, Denmark

2012   Green Sofa Gallery, Christmas Exhibition, Lviv, Ukraine

           Lviv Palace of Arts, Autumn Salon, Lviv, Ukraine

           Vienna International Art Fair, The New Contemporary, Vienna, Austria

           Museum of modern Art, Art-Plotinus, Kiev, Ukraine

           Triptych ART Gallery, Spring Divertissement, Kiev, Ukraine

           Triptych ART Gallery, Autumn Divertissement, Kiev, Ukraine

2011    Silent Auction, Kiev, Ukraine

           Art Moskow, Moscow, Russian

           Museum Art Project “Green Sofa”, Lviv, Ukraine

           International Plein-Air, Nemunaicio, Lithuania

           Neighbours Art Palace, Lviv, Ukraine

           National Union Artists of Ukraine Exhibition, Painting Award from the Selection Committee

           Exhibition of Three Artists entitled “Process”, Lemish Gallery

2010    Gallery Prymys, Lviv, Ukraine

2008    Europa’Art, Geneva, Switzerland

           Gallery Volga, Exhibition of artists Savchenko, Bel’skyi and Hai, Moscow, Russia

2007    Gallery Art 11, Exhibition dedicated to the 8th of March, Lviv, Ukraine

2006    ArtManez-2006, Moscow, Russia

           Gallery Volga, Moscow, Russia

           Exhibition of artist Bevza, Bazhay, Zhuravel, Bilik and Hai, Ukraine Institute, New York

           Project “Cloakroom”, Gurzuf, Ukraine

           Soviart Center, Kiev, Ukraine

2005    “ArtManez-2005”, Moscow, Russia

           Art Moscow, Moscow, Russia

           Lviv Autumn International Exhibition, Lviv, Ukraine

2001    Gallery N City, Kiev, Ukraine

2000    Anixis Gallery, Baden, Switzerland

           Gallery Art Feldlin, Zurich, Switzerland

1998    Europ’art, Geneva, Switzerland

           Autumn Salon at the Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukraine

           International Art Festival, Keiv, Ukraine

           Exhibition of the Three in the Minolta Office, Rosenheim, Germany

1997    Autumn Salon at the Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukriane

           International Art Festival, Kiev, Ukraine

           Robinzonada, (Museum of Modern Art), Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

1996    Autumn Salon at the Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukriane

           Harvard University, Boston, USA
           Embassy of Ukraine, Washington, DC

           Ukrainian Cultural Fund, Philadelphia, PA

           Exhibition devoted to the independence of Ukraine, Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukraine

1995   Art Fair, Kiev, Ukraine

1994   Silver Square, International Biennale, Ukraine

1993   International Exhibition “Impreza”, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

1991   International Exhibition “Impreza”, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

1990   “Modern Painting of Liviv”, House of Soviet Culture, Warsaw, Poland

1989   International Exhibition “Impreza”, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

1988   Ukrainian Autumn Exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine

1987   “Lviv Autumn”, Lviv, Ukraine




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