Yasharel Manzy


Yasharel Manzy

I was born in the ancient Jewish sector of Isfahan, Iran, more than half a century ago. My very first experience in painting was at the age of eleven during the three month school vacation, I would spend long afternoons doing watercolors. The subject matter was mostly the scenes of the city. I attempted to paint again at the age of thirty-three. I painted about twenty canvases mostly of snow scenes. Then to my dislike of the quality of the paintings and my lack of experience, I abandoned painting once again. I suppose due to the lack of patience I always wanted to be able to paint without going through the pain of learning.

In the winter of 1990, while strolling through a gallery, a painting with a French scene caught my attention. There I was, glued to the floor, and then moments later, this incredible, intense feeling overwhelmed me. I found myself at the crossroads of my life. At the time I was a partner in a business that imported and sold Persian rugs in Atlanta. To be able to change careers now and go where my heart was, I knew that I must learn how to paint. The choice was very clear. That afternoon in the gallery I decided to change my destiny and to become a painter.

Within a few days I changed my office from a place of business, into an atelier. For the first time in about twenty years I could not wait to get to work so I could paint. I did learn a lot through books. I painted at least eight hours a day for the next six years. During these six years I had numerous private lessons in portraiture with the prominent painter Marc Chatov.

“The paintings of Yasharel Manzy – abstracts, landscapes, still life and figures

‘Reveal,’ in the artist’s own words, ‘the true beauty of things in life.’ With luminous, vibrant colors and interacting organic shapes, each of his paintings produces a relaxing, peaceful, soothing effect; an oasis away from our daily lives. For the artist, however, they document an ongoing process of doing and undoing, of self-criticism and evolving, of recreating and reinventing himself through his art.”

Irving Finkelstein, Ph. D., Art Historian, Georgia State University.

Yasharel has had over forty One Man Shows. His paintings have sold throughout the world.



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